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Fall Cleaning…Day 1

I could pretend like I’m uber-housekeeper and do a seasonal deep clean on my house.  But to be honest, I never got around to my spring cleaning and have finally decided to start…in September.  I don’t have a starting picture because I didn’t intend to start today.  But I had an (unusual) second cup of coffee late in the afternoon and decided the whole house needs to be de-cluttered, reorganized and deep cleaned.  I’ve done a bunch of web & blog surfing, trying to find some secret method I’d never thought of, but have decided the secret is rolling up my sleeves and starting.  And what better place than Mia’s room?

The best idea to come from my reorganization was Mia’s reading cubby.  She loves to crawl under furniture and find little hiding places.  I came up with this idea:

I’d like to find a pattern online and sew something a little more permanent, but since I’m still learning how to work my sewing machine, that’ll have to be a project for another day .

The hardest part of today’s cleaning was finding a place for everything.  I tried to use my common sense and keep books by the reading nook, toys on lower shelves and comfy blankets within toddler reach.  Since her room has at least one door or window on every wall, it takes some creativity to arrange furniture.  Here’s her new setup:

Call me paranoid, but it feels weird putting a picture of her little bed on the internet so I’ll just skip that wall.

It took me about 3 hours to vacuum all the nooks & crannies, sweep & mop, dust and re-organize.  I still have to finish her closet and clean the windows (eeek) and ceiling fan.  And because I used furniture and baskets and pictures from other rooms, particularly the living room, I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow.  But tell me, doesn’t this moment just make it worth all the work?