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Homemade Dish Soap

As I was running a sink full of hot water, I realized that we’re fresh out of our Green Works dish soap.  Now that I’ve made this soap recipe and seen how well it works (and how great it smells) I don’t think we’ll be going back.  Reuse your plastic bottle by refilling it with your new soap solution.

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Trials & Tribulations of an Eco-Friendly Hostess

When I decided to baptize my daughter, Mia, I knew it would be a big event.  I have so many family members and friends that live nearby that I didn’t even consider keeping it small.  But I did have two major concerns: how to throw a party that won’t end up in a landfill and how to throw a party that wouldn’t break the bank.  I think that I was successful in making a few key changes that Mother Earth would be proud of, although there were some things that I had a hard time avoiding and some I didn’t even think of until it was too late.  If you are throwing a party soon, try some of these tested ideas and see if they work as well for you as they did for me. Continue reading

10 Ways to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle in NOLA

Residents of other cities are surprised to learn that recycling is so difficult for New Orleanians.  Considering our waning coastline and eroding wetlands, we should be the first to reduce our waste.  And perhaps we would, if it was easier to do.  After weeks of researching the internet and talking to anyone who would listen, I’ve found some ways to recycle locally.

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