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Homemade Dish Soap

As I was running a sink full of hot water, I realized that we’re fresh out of our Green Works dish soap.  Now that I’ve made this soap recipe and seen how well it works (and how great it smells) I don’t think we’ll be going back.  Reuse your plastic bottle by refilling it with your new soap solution.

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Baby Butt Cleaner

Our family is making a transition to a paper-free household. We’re using cloth in place of all the paper we used to use (once we get this method perfect, I’ll post about it). One of the first things to go was baby wipes. Why buy something disposable and chemical-laden when you can make something reusable and natural? This is my favorite recipe for baby butt spray (found at Simple Mom):

2 tbsp. All-natural baby shampoo or grated castille soap
1 tbsp. Olive oil
1 c. warm water
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15 Reasons Why Vinegar Is My BFF

When I first started to make my own stuff, I was surprised at how often my ingredient list called for vinegar. From cooking to cleaning to beauty products, vinegar is used in nearly every item that I make myself. Here are my 15 favorite uses of vinegar: Continue reading

Making Laundry Powder

I wash a lot of cloth diapers, which means I use a lot of detergent.  I find that Tide and Bleach work pretty well at disinfecting, deodorizing and stain prevention, but that means that I have to buy loads of plastic and put things that I don’t have a shot at pronouncing on my baby’s most sensitive areas.  This recipe took 1/2 an hour to make, $10 in supplies and is enough to cover me for almost a year.  And even better – all the ingredients came from Dorignac’s…it’s so easy it could put Tide out of business.

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