About Jade

My name is Jade and I am a lifelong New Orleanian.  My family and I are typical of this city – we love cooking, eating, drinking, being with our families, live music, festivals, and entertaining.  But we also believe in showing respect for the Earth in every aspect of the way we live.

As much as we love the city and everything that it stands for, it can be difficult to be eco-friendly here.  Sometimes I feel as if being a recycler or a cloth diapering mommy or a breast feeder or a clothesline user is as strange to my friends and family as being a non-drinker.  And that is exactly what I hope this blog can address.

There are ways to embody our heritage and the spirit of New Orleans while still preserving a respect for our Earth.  It may be a different way of life, but it is not a difficult one.  I hope that this blog can testify to my slow transformation from the lifestyle I’ve inherited to a lifestyle that embodies what we believe.


One response to “About Jade

  1. If you think it’s hard to live an eco-friendly life now, think of what it was like in the mid-seventies, when I was in the same space as you are now. I don’t know if my eccentricity improved my kids’ lives, but I know they were never in any doubt of the fact that I loved them enough to try very hard to do my best. Yours will too!

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