Summer Fun for Babies (& Mommy, too!)

My 1 yo, Mia, is extremely energetic.  She’s also a little impatient and bores easily.  The past few weeks have been a blur, with us having 2 parties and then an unexpected trip to California.  Now that we’re back home and settling into our routine, I find myself left with a very spoiled little girl.  In order to alleviate some of her restlessness, I’ve decided (per my mother’s advice) to start taking Mia on a daily ‘field trip’ in the hopes of keeping her busy, keeping her engaged, and keeping my sanity.  Here are a weeks worth of events I’ve found that are baby-friendly & out of the HOT weather:

  1. Monday @ the New Orleans Public Library (Keller Branch) – ( According to the website, a half-hour long story time is dedicated for babies and toddlers, 10:30 every Monday morning.
  2. Tuesdays @ The Children’s Museum – ( I just found out that the Children’s Museum has a special ‘Toddler Time’ on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 am.  This week, a play based on a children’s book will be performed with special alligator skin textures for wee hands to explore.  There are lots of events for older kids, too.
  3. Wednesdays @ New Orleans Public Library’s Children’s Resource Center – ( At 10:30 am on Wednesday mornings, the CRC hosts a special story time for toddlers and babies.  This branch houses all children’s books, movies and music and also offers all of the regular library services (i.e. computer and internet access).
  4. Thursdays @ the Aquarium – ( Any day of the week, you can bring your baby (or kids) to catch a feeding in the cool (literally) Audubon Aquarium.  The penguins are fed at 10:30 am and 3 pm, the sea otters are fed at 2 pm.  For even more fun, visitors are allowed to feed the stingrays at 11:30 and 2:30 each day.
  5. Fridays @ Storyland in City Park – ( Storyland is a special treat, especially during Christmas in the Oaks.  But if you can stand the heat, it can be a special treat for kids too.  Babies and toddlers enter free, and each adult is $3 admission.  Although there may be a few rides you can take your baby on (depending on how adventurous you are), it may be fun just to look around and watch all the kids playing.  Mia likes to go to City Park and play on the swings and watch the kids on the the playground.  Bring a bag of you bread scraps and feed the ducks for a little extra fun!
  6. Saturdays @ the Insectarium – ( I’m thinking that Mia will love going to the butterfly garden and I think my mom is pretty excited about the termite exhibit.  If you purchase the Audubon membership, all of these (Zoo, Aquarium & Insectarium) are included.
  7. Sundays @ Itsy Bitsy Yoga – ( Yep, there’s yoga class for crawlers & toddlers and how can you resist watching?  It is a little pricey, $60 for 5 sessions, but if you live in New Orleans, catch the 4:15 session in Lakeview.

I’ll have to check out these and a few more and post some pics!  Of course, suggestions always welcome!


One response to “Summer Fun for Babies (& Mommy, too!)

  1. Is the new Y open yet? It was under construction the last time we were there. There is no better way to tire out the babies than to get them into a swimming class. Aubrey began when she was six months old! The goal when they are so young is for them to have fun, and to learn to turn and grab the side of the pool if they fall into the water. It was even more fun when Dave and I could go together. The kids loved “swimming” a few feet between the two of us. And boy, it makes them tired!

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