A note on creativity

I decided to start this blog as a gift to myself.  I often find myself drained after a normal day as a stay-at-home mom of a 1 year old.  By the time I crawl into bed, I’m so exhausted that I read a few pages through weary eyes and quickly nod off to sleep.  This routine doesn’t leave much time for me to create, to be inspired, or to record the things that I have/hope to have created and been inspired by.  That’s where this blog comes in.

So far, I’ve mostly used NolaMomma to record the things I’ve learned and don’t want to forget.  This is a good thing because I used to use tattoos to mark these sorts of ideas.  Now that I’m tired of explaining all these strange markings and wondering about how they’ll look when I’m sagging and gray, I’m glad to have a different sort of scrapbook.  But I’d like to do more than simply recite my recipes and lists of new things I’ve discovered.  I’d like to use this blog as my creative sanctuary and I plan to start by making a promise to myself to record one thing a day.  If I can (at least) make note of an idea I’d like to try or (at most) try these things I find inspiring, I’d be happier with my blog and my self.

An important part of life that I often overlook is being the person who I want to be.  There have been points in my life that I’ve looked in the mirror and had a hard time meeting my own eyes.  I have found that the only way to change that, to be someone I’m proud to be, to be someone I enjoy being, is to start with small changes and to stick to them – one day at a time.  So here is to being more creative!


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